Hiring a Professional to Repair Your Marble and Granite

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In the event that some marble or granite has been broken in your home, you might want to call upon the services of a professional to fix it for you. The repairing process can be complicated and generally requires the eye of a professional to make sure the final result reflects the original quality of the piece. Visit the official site for more information about marble and granite click the link.

Whether a slab of marble or granite has broken completely or there’s just a small chip taken out, the repair process is going to start out similarly. A repair person will use both color toners and epoxy to create the stuff to fill in any cracks. Large chips generally need to be glued back together with some form of glue or epoxy, and after that dries into a solid form the color correction can take place.

Generally, the glue will need to be shaved down to sit flush with the counter, and the process might even require the use of some sandpaper to even things out even more. It’s possible to do some of these repairs on your own at home, however, a novice repair job also runs the risk of causing further damage by using products or sandpaper that ends up being too rough on the surface. Follow the link for more information about marble and granite view link.

When seeking out a professional to get this job, asking around for referrals is one way to find a reputable company. If you had a company put the marble or granite in, to begin with, they might also offer these services or at least have the ability to point you in the direction of someone else who they trust to do it.

Marble and granite cracks tend to be more challenging to fix than other counter surface tops, so don’t hesitate to seek help if you feel like you might need it. Luckily most of the damage that occurs on the surface from things like water stains and the like are not generally permanent. Etching, on the other hand, does happen quite easily and is harder to handle on your own. Learn more about marble and granite http://www.huffingtonpost.com/news/granite-countertops/ , follow the link.

If the counters have been neglected for a while though it’s usually the most efficient option to hire a professional to fix them up once and for all. After your marble or granite countertops have been fixed up it’s then up to you to try and keep them in good shape to maintain their beauty.